Monday, May 20, 2019

Trip to State House and Natural History Museum

Tour of the State House

In the Senate

In the House

 At the Vermont Natural History Museum

In an Abenaki WigWam

The Settlers

 Exploring Maps

Monday, April 29, 2019

Classroom News

Dear Families,

Welcome back from break! We started book groups in reading workshop today. In writing workshop, we are finishing up our opinion essay unit with on-demand writing pieces. Our next unit in writing will be informational pieces. Students will do reports on Vermont topics for our social studies unit and reports on natural resources for our science unit.

On Wednesday, we will have Kinderbuddies. We will make large flowers to decorate the school for Spring.

SBAC testing will be May 7th-May 10th. Students will test in the morning and have specials in the afternoon.

Book projects are due next week.

Enjoy your week,
Mrs. Carter

Here is a great video about kindness!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Classroom News

Dear Families,

We are wrapping up our writing unit on personal essays this week. Students are becoming familiar with writing essays through our literary essay and personal essay units. We wrote narratives this year when we wrote small moments about our lives and when we wrote fairy tale adaptations. The students wrote informational books on topics of choice earlier this year. When we return from break, students will write research-based informational pieces on a natural resource of their choice and on a Vermont history topic.

We have been learning about Vermont history through our read alouds, Cave of Falling Water and the biography of Ann Story. Students have also been reading biographies of their choice.

Our class will be leading All School Morning Meeting on Friday. I will be out on Thursday at a math training and Ms. Stone will be the guest teacher.

Students have been practicing for SBACs for 30 minutes each day. The SBAC tests will be May 7th-May 10th.

Our Boston trip is quickly approaching. Please send $20 in with your child if you have not already.

Enjoy your week,

Mrs. Carter

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Classroom News

Dear Families,

The students are writing personal essays during Writing Workshop. We studied student samples of personal essays and read some published essays.  If you are looking for personal essays to listen to with your child, please visit

In Reading Workshop, we are reading biographies for our current non-fiction reading unit. Students have read non-fiction texts and studied the text structures. Students have also read fiction stories and thought deeply about characters. Now the children are combining these skills while reading biographies.

Enjoy your week,

Mrs. Carter

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Classroom News

Dear Families,

Wednesday is Pajama Day! The class earned a celebration!

The current reading unit is the study of biographies and our writing unit is personal essays. 

In social studies, we are working on 3D maps of Vermont to learn about the regions of Vermont.

We are continuing our study of the maple sugaring industries and it's uses of energy and impact on the environment. We visited Purinton's Maple Farm and had maple syrup on snow. We also learned about reverse osmosis and the steam away process to make the sugaring operation more efficient. We toured the Running Saps sugaring operation and Tim Brown's sugaring operation in Hinesburg. 
On Thursday, we will go to the Audubon sugar house. 

A sample of some of the questions we asked:

  • How many taps do you have?
  • How much syrup did you produce last year?
  • What fuel do you use to heat the sap?
  • What other efficiencies do you have in place? What energy do those use?
  • What other methods have you added to make it easier or use less energy?
  • Do you use tubing or buckets?
  • Do you walk, use a vehicle, or a horse to work on your sugarbush?
  • Did you change the woods?
  • Has a forester helped you with your sugarbush? And if so, how?