Sunday, September 15, 2019

Classroom News

Dear Families,

The students are getting used to the routine and we are able to get more done! Last week, we had math and spelling assessments. This week, we will have writing and reading assessments. The assessments allow for each student to work on individual goals. 

During forest Friday, the students were assigned clan groups. Each clan will study a biome and an animal that lives in that biome. The students also learned about the difference between drawings and scientific diagrams. We ended our week drinking lemon balm tea during our tea ritual. 

In writing, students have been collecting ideas for narrative writing and in reading they are working on building stamina and jotting as they read. 

This week, students will work on choosing 'just right" books and setting personal goals during reading time. 

Our class will lead all school morning meeting on Friday from 7:40-8:00 am. 

I have created a fundraiser for our class to raise money for comfortable, flexible seating. Here is the link. Please share this page. When people begin to donate, donations will begin to get matched by organizations. Before we know it, we'll have flexible seating in the classroom! Thank you so much for your help spreading the word!

Make it a great week,
Mrs. Carter

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Classroom News

Dear Families,

Last week we created classroom expectations and practiced routines. We practiced cursive and created "cursive creatures" with our names.

This week, we will start reading and writing workshop. We are going to personalize our writing notebooks on Tuesday, so if you need to email more pictures, or haven't yet, you still have time to email pictures to me.

On Forest Friday, we got to know our kinderbuddies with interviews and collected rosehips for our tea ritual.

Important Dates:

9/12 - Picture Day

Enjoy your week!

Mrs. Carter

Getting to know our Kinderbuddies on Forest Friday

Making math tools.

Learning About Self-Control

Monday, September 2, 2019

Happy New School Year!

Dear Families,

I hope you had a nice long weekend. The weather was beautiful Saturday and Sunday and I was able to spend the weekend camping. 

The first few weeks of school lays the groundwork for the students to create a supportive classroom community where they can do their best learning. Not only are we learning school routines, we are creating clear academic and behavioral expectations for the students. Together, we are creating a safe, joyful, and engaging classroom and school community.  

Your child brought home Writing Workshop homework. The assignment is due Friday, Sept. 6, 2019. The students will be personalizing their writing notebooks. The writing notebook is a place for writers to catch all the inspiration they find in their lives that could lead to a piece of writing.  We personalize the notebook with pictures and memorabilia of important moments, all of which call to mind stories we might want to write about in some form. Students should collect pictures and magazine clippings to personalize their notebook. Parents may email the pictures to me and I will print the pictures if you’d like.

Please remember to send your child with clothes to go outside on Fridays. A change of clothes and shoes may be useful.  

Important Dates

Thursday, 9/12/19 Picture Day
Thursday, 9/26/19 Open House
Thursday,10/3/19 Picture Make-Up Day

I have added some photos from our first week of school.

Have a great week,
Mrs. Carter

Even though it was a busy first week of school, we still found time to explore the classroom library.

We are building our classroom community with cooperative activities that require lots of teamwork!

Math review is always more fun when you can eat the math tools! The graham crackers represent groups of one hundred, the pretzel sticks are groups of ten, and the raisins are ones. 

Forest Fridays!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Summer!

Dear Families,

As we wrap up another school year, I would like to thank you all for your support, both at home and at school. Your children have grown and matured! Remember to have your child continue to read over the summer to reduce “summer slide”.

Have a lovely summer,

Anna Carter

Pictures from Hopa-My-Boata-Floata Regatta!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Classroom News

ABC Countdown:

Monday - U - USA day. Wear read, white and blue
Tuesday - V - Visiting reader day
Wednesday - W - Wreck the room!
Thursday - X - Exercise Day
Friday - Y It's Your day 4th graders!

Meeting our Underhill pen pals!